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Heartburn, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is an inflammation in the throat, a kind of bitterness and sometimes an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Fortunately, they can be relieved and prevented from coming back thanks to natural, easy-to-use remedies.

What triggers heartburn?

Heartburn is caused by the upward flow of gastric juices from the stomach into our esophagus. These digestive juices are very acidic, and if the stomach can tolerate them, the esophagus doesn’t tolerate them as much. This is the inflammation, the burning.

What are the factors?

Gastroesophageal reflux can have several causes or factors such as :

Spicy food
An anatomical problem
The presence of a bacterium

How to relieve heartburn?

Eat better

A balanced diet helps prevent and relieve heartburn. To do this, you should reduce your sugar intake because it promotes the stomach’s acid PH. You can, for example, start with what is called a sugar detox. Then, you must reduce your fat intake, and prefer fibers (fruits, vegetables, cereals). It is also very important to chew your food well. Indeed, chewing strains the salivary glands and therefore allows good digestion. Finally, eat lightly in the evening to avoid acid reflux when lying down.

Reduce stress

Scientists have recently discovered the presence of neurons in our digestive system. As a result, when we are under pressure, the neurons in our brain will transmit our stress to those in our stomach. Our lower sphincter (the one in our oesophagus) will then also become stressed and fragile. It will not do its job properly: maintaining the barrier with our stomach tightly sealed. That’s when the acidity rises! To avoid this phenomenon, it is important to relax, practice regular sports and drink relaxing herbal teas every day. We must also learn to breathe again.

Stop smoking

Smoking is strongly discouraged if you have heartburn. Cigarettes reduce the production of saliva needed to digest food. It also damages the walls of the stomach by making them more permeable. You can develop an ulcer if you continue to smoke when you already have inflammation.

Make a clay bandage

Clay is a natural anti-inflammatory and absorbs acidity. It acts as a gastric bandage. Green or white, you can drink it mixed with water (a teaspoon diluted in a large glass of water). It should be bought in powder form (ultra ventilated) and preferably organic. Clay is very economical and can also be used to treat tendinitis for example. Mix it with a wooden spoon because the metal alters its properties. And drink your preparation at a distance from your meals and your possible treatments. Be careful, a clay cure should not exceed two weeks as it can lead to constipation.

Medicinal treatments

If the natural remedies have not worked, then your doctor can check to see if you are not contaminated with bacteria or have an anatomical problem. He or she will prescribe appropriate treatment to get things back to normal.

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