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Subject to various external factors (sun, rain, winter, etc.), the skin remains the organ of the human body whose proper maintenance gives the image of good body hygiene and better health. Having a radiant skin all the time is not a matter of course because of the external aggressions it is subjected to. In order to help you to obtain a radiant skin with simple daily gestures, we reveal in this article the top 5 of grandmother’s remedies.

Remedy 1: Grapes and water for smoother, more moisturized skin

Water is an essential element for human life. For a good oxygenation of the skin, it is necessary to moisturize during the day. For this reason, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. With grapes, it is possible to illuminate the skin. This remedy should be applied at least once a week. Rub the grape seeds in a circular motion against the skin to remove dead cells and cleanse it thoroughly. In the end, you get a smooth and shiny skin.

Remedy 2: Tomato to remove stains

For various reasons, spots and small imperfections appear on the skin and make it much less attractive. The tomato remains a natural option to remedy these blemishes and spots that appear on the skin.
When you apply tomato puree to the spots, redness or blemishes and leave it on for a few minutes, the dead skin is removed and the force of these skin irritations is reduced.

Remedy 3: a balanced diet

In many situations, diet plays an important role in maintaining better health. Eating foods that are too fatty is still the source of pimples on the skin. As well, alcohol and other existing substances have the ability to dilate blood vessels, which favours the appearance of certain skin imperfections. However, it is recommended to eat foods such as fish, which are involved in cell renewal, and other foods such as carrots, which are rich in carotene (a substance that makes the skin glow).

Remedy 4: Essential oils to revitalize the skin and honey for good aeration.

Some essential oils such as bergamot oil have moisturizing properties on the skin. When mixed with water in a spray bottle and sprayed on the skin, they protect it from the harmful effects of pollution. The honey added with a few drops of lemon juice corrects certain skin imperfections and makes the skin smoother. To allow better penetration through the pores, a steam bath remains an option.

Remedy 5: Clay to purify the skin

For people with oily skin, clay remains a natural solution to restore radiance to their skin. A mixture of pink clay and a few drops of lemon is enough to make the skin clear and shiny. However, you should avoid using green clay, which remains aggressive to the skin.

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